Brenner on competition

Wed Sep 16 20:20:22 PDT 1998

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<< Oskar Lange attempted to synthesize Marxian economics

with neo-classical economic theory (a project that in

a different form is continued by John Roemer). Justin

Schwartz on the other hand finds much of value in

Hayek's work and has even been known to call himself

a Hayekian Marxist. What does this tell us about the

relationships between Marxism and contemporary

bourgeois economics?


I certainly find myself in august company. I am flattered. But unlike Roemer and Lange I'm not an economist, just a legally trained philosopher and political scientist or the other way around with an interest in economics.

However, to answer the question, there aren't Chinese walls arounds different "kinds" of economics. In his own day, Marx created a critique of politocal economy that was also the capstone and finest expression of then-contempary political economy, viz., the work of Ricardo, whose successor, analytically (though not sociologically or in terms of historical materialism) Marx is.


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