kagarlitsky testimony

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I heard Kagarlitsky speak in San Francisco many years ago (maybe 1991?). At the time, he said that many in Russia were looking West for a new economic model (i.e., Scandinavian social democracies). He argued that they were ignoring the fact that West was not the only direction, and that South (for example, Mexico) was a far more likely direction for Russia's future. Looks like he was right.

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><< By the way, what's the background of this Kagarlitsky guy?
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>Boris K is a leading light of the independent non-Communist Russian far
>We wasa democratic socialist dissident under Brezhnev, wrote, among other
>things The Thinking Reed, while in the slam, arguing for "revolutionary
>reform" of the old system. In the Gorby era he was a Moscow City Council
>member, wrote an entertaining book, Square Wheels, about the experience.
>quite prolific and very personable. He has been associated with a number of
>Moscow-Federation of Trade Union-based attempts to get a real Russian Labor
>Party going. In general, he's a good guy.

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