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This January I will be teaching an economics course in UMass-Amherst's MA program in Union Leadership and Administation. The students come from various backgrounds, some are higher-level union or AFL-CIO staffers but most are local staffers and officers. There is a pretty good mix by race and gender. I have taught the course twice before with good success. The students are savvy and motivated, though their backgrounds in economics are not usually very strong. The classes meet for two weeks, three hours per day, in early January, and then the students go back home and work on a paper assignment.

In this time of grave economic crisis in many parts of the world and possible capitalist decline, I would like to give the students some idea of the nature of the crisis as well as what might be done about it, including some discussion of alternative economic arrangements.

I am looking for short articles on these subjects (theoretical, empirical, or case study) and any others list members think are important. The articles have to be clearly and simply written and not overly long.

You can reply on the list or privately. What I am looking for are the materials you would use if you were teaching the course.

Thanks and solidarity,

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