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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Sep 20 05:58:48 PDT 1998

Chris Buford:
>But I do suggest in a muddled sort of way that if Clinton survives, he and
>Blair are the sort of reformist people who will come up with a millenium
>plan for the global economy that will feature, say, 1000 billion dollars of
>IMF Special Drawing Rights to be bid against for development projects that
>will assist the human or natural environment across the world.

Muddled? Don't flatter yourself. The notion that Clinton will fund development projects that will assist the "human or natural environment across the world" is false to the core. Only a liberal would come up with such a shocking projection. It is not based on Clinton's record as governor of the state of Arkansas or his years in the White House.

A Marxist analysis of the Clinton presidency would focus on the ways in which he is a continuation of Reagan and Bush. His attacks on minorities and the environment are extremely reactionary. But you don't need to be a Marxist to figure this out. Liberals at the Nation Magazine have even begun to openly criticize him. At least, when they were supporting him up and down the line, they didn't feel the need to quote Karl Marx the way that Buford does.

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