FW: Sachs's G-16 proposal (Who is J. Sachs?)

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Over a couple of weeks ago Sachs was on NPR's The Chris Lydon Show to give his mea culpae. He admitted to making various errors but he also went on to claim that he had been misunderstood. And it appears that the list of people who misunderstood him is quite a long one which includes among others IMF officials, the Russians, and his various academic colleagues and critics including especially Marshall Goldman. This assertion puzzled me because after all Sachs is a Harvard professor and presumably therefore a skilled communicator. He also went on to describe the corruption of the Yeltsin government and he made it clear that it goes all the way to the very top and he criticized the IMF and the US government for having ignored it until it was too late. He blamed the oligarchs for sabotaging market reforms and for hijacking them to serve their own selfish interests.

If someone can get a hold of a transcript of Chris Lydon's interview of Sachs it might be interesting to post it on this list.

Jim Farmelant

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