Who is J. Sachs?

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Tue Sep 22 09:59:42 PDT 1998

I asked Tom Kruse, an economist who's not on lbo-talk but lives in Bolivia, for comments on the proposition that Sachs' policy [the Sachsy policy?] worked to solve the problems of the Bolivian economy.

he responded: >Depends on what you mean by "worked". I'd only suggest it "worked" (a) in the limited sense that Sachs noted: it went from being a highly dependent, under-developed, miserable situation with inflation to one without;

> (b) it "worked" to radically reduce the power of labor generally,
achieved only through militarization of work centers, forcible relocation and repression and internal exile of labor leaders;

> plus (c) I'd add the caveat stability achieved by Sachs & Co. may have
more that a little to do with changes in the financial rules of the game that allowed for repatriation of capital without restrictions or questions, thus channeling narco-trafficking money through central bank coffers.<

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