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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Sep 22 13:11:19 PDT 1998

Here's an issue for debate


> 1. World capitalism is entering a period of protracted crisis, because
> it has gone into a historical impasse.
> 2. This is possibly the much-vaunted and also much mocked Final Crisis
> of capitalism because the 'normal' exits (war, reflation, keynes) are
> blocked by the impossibility of general war, and by emergent ecological
> limitations on capitalist 'growth' within existent technologies, which
> the so-called Age of Informatics has not actually transcended.
> 3. Our task is to patiently explain these things and to prepare
> politically as best we can for the proletarian revolutions which seem
> inevitable but which require organisation and leadership. We can afford
> to be patient, and we should be, because for once time is on our side.

Charles Brown


Workers of the West, it's our turn.

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