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Tue Sep 22 13:59:56 PDT 1998

Series EE Savings bonds are tax-free

a) for state n local taxes b) for educational expenses of a dependent IF you meet the income threshold. I haven't memorized that level but I think it's in the 60s for "family income." That's a little less than double the median family income. I don't know the single income rule. Try

Except for the 6 month no-can-cash-in rule immediately after purchase, Series EE bonds really are a reasonable deal. I don't think this should be an investment advice site, but let's put it this way: if you have a lot of money earning 3% in a savings account, a series EE bond is a much better alternative; and it compares well to the money market or to a six month certiificate of deposit. -- Gregory P. Nowell Associate Professor Department of Political Science, Milne 100 State University of New York 135 Western Ave. Albany, New York 12222

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