Nation article on CPI index

John K. Taber jktaber at
Tue Sep 22 19:20:18 PDT 1998

James Devine wrote:
> Dear Ms. Carey:
> Thank you for this information. I am confused, however. The CPI-W and the
> CPI-U have been around for quite awhile, the first being the CPI for
> nonsupervisory wage workers (I believe) and the latter being for urban
> employees. Are these different from the "cpi w" and "cpi u" that you mention?


Thanks, Jim. There are several CPIs around, some of them experimental, like the one for older people which takes medical costs into account.

It is possible that cpi-w is being shaved, but I don't think cpi-w is new.

The squib in the Nation just isn't clear.

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