Dennis R Redmond dredmond at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Wed Sep 23 01:28:28 PDT 1998

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Doug Henwood cross-posted:

> We'd [the New Party] like you to send us the e-mail addresses of
> know who lives in New York State who considers themselves a Democrat, a
> progressive, a leftist, an independent or even a bored and disgusted
> non-voter. We will send them a polite, totally non-obnoxious message
> describing the Working Families Party and its values. And we'll ask them to
> make their vote REALLY count this November by casting it for our
> Gubernatorial candidate -- a fusion candidacy with the Democrat, so not a
> spoiler run -- in November. Send two names or two hundred, it doesn't matter.

Ye Gods. As anyone who knows *anything* about email knows, the surest, quickest way to piss off any potential voter is to send VAST AMOUNTS OF GODDAMN JUNK E-MAIL TO PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW. But it does kind of figure, that this sort of pathetic, bootlicking Dumbocratic opportunism ends up mimicking that curse of the Internet, the bogus chain-letter. Even the actual production of the userid list is conveniently outsourced to us activists; truly a Ponzi politics for the era of the Wall Street Bubble bust. Not even the Moscow legislature got this out of hand.

Speaking of decadence, I'm hacking, clawing and, uh, sawing (you don't want to know) my way through that fine monument to late capitalist culture, Quake 2's Ground Zero add on pak (not a misprint: the data-file is called a "pak" in Quake-oclature). The evil transgalactic Strogg rentiers have some new tricks in their bag, the video equivalent of derivatives trading, but the Revolution shall conquer. Further Quake-ography to follow in a bit.

-- Dennis

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