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James Baird jlbaird3 at
Wed Sep 23 10:16:08 PDT 1998

How long will left-of-center voters continue to let the
>get away with it on the lesser-of-two-evils rationale?
>The move to the right is always justified in pragmatic terms, but the
>International hasn't really been a stunning success politically. The
>is already off the Blairite rose, the Swedish social dems have taken
>worst electoral drubbing in 60 or 70 years, and Clinton's Democrats
>suffered the worst losses at the state and local level in 100 years.
>hell with 'em, I say.

Not that he was any kind of leftist, but I always loved Harry Truman's maxim: "Give people a choice between a Republican and a Republican, and they'll pick the the Republican every time."

Jim Baird

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