No Privacy for Privacy Hypocrites

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No Privacy for Privacy Hypocrites

A grass-roots citizen group is forming to address the unrestrained assault on privacy represented by the Kenneth Starr/Congressional investigations into President Clinton's sex life.

The group, named "No Privacy for Privacy Hypocrites," (on the web at intends to make Congress confront the privacy concerns that are raised by the investigation, by asking Members of Congress to declare their own standards regarding privacy, and deal with the consequences.

The group is concerned that the investigation into the President's sex life is having a negative impact on privacy that will affect ordinary citizens. "This whole sad affair is the product of decades-long disrespect for privacy, for which our political leaders are responsible," said Evan Hendricks, Editor and Publisher of Privacy Times and one of the organizers of the group.

"This effort is intended to arrest the free fall of privacy rights triggered by the stunning abuses of power by the Starr investigation and the Congressional dissemination of personal information," said Jamie Love. "This should be a wake-up call for Congress," said Gary Ruskin.

On Monday, September 28, 1998, the group will distribute a survey to Members of Congress asking:

Do you believe any branch of government should investigate

allegations that elected officials have committed adultery,

including allegations that they have lied about it?

If a Member answers yes or if the Member refuses to answer the first question, then (and only then) they will be asked:

Have you ever committed adultery, and have you ever lied

about it?

The survey is designed so that Members of Congress who support privacy will not be asked about their own private lives.

The answers to the survey will be placed on the web at, as soon the surveys are returned.


There are several ways people can participate in this effort.

1. You can join the group by sending a note to

info at

2. You can join an Internet discussion about the campaign by

sending a note to listproc at, with the message:

sub noprivacy Jane Doe

(If your name is Jane Doe).

3. You can offer suggestions for the web page, which needs some


4. You can encourage your own Members of Congress to answer the


For more information, see the No Privacy for Privacy Hypocrites web page at

Organizers of the Committee gave different reasons for joining. Audrie Krause said "Wasn't there something in the New Testament that says let he who is without sin cast the first stone? And since we are heading toward a public stoning, we should ask, is anyone in Congress qualified to cast the first stone?"

Jim Warren, the well-known Internet activist, said: "If politicians are going to compete with the Jerry Springer Show, let's make sure that ALL of the best actors have an EQUAL opportunity to expose their bedroom activities to the world. . . . Any member of Congress who refuses to answer this simple survey, but votes to pursue hearings about some other politician's private sex-life, should be voted out of office."

Catherine Gavin said "All this looks as if some people in this country had decided to drive a car going faster and faster, without caring that there were no brakes on the car. Something has to be done before all of us get hurt in the final crash. This is about a lot of things, but it is mostly about privacy, or the prospect of living in a world with no privacy."

Initial Organizing members of the Committee

Initial Organizers of the Committee, which is an Ad Hoc group, include: Gary Ruskin, Marc Rotenberg, Jim Warren, Manon Anne Ress, Jamie Love, Catherine Gavin, Audrie Krause, Noe Hatchuel, Charles Bennington, Evan Hendricks.

To contact the Committee, send email to info at

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