IMF Annual Report and reform

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Thu Sep 24 14:15:47 PDT 1998

Chris Burford wrote:

Personally, I have no Marxist or for that matter Capitalist baggage, I do think that the American version of Capitalism is very exploitive ditto the British prior versionand especially on the periphery. I am not part of any organized movement at present. I would like to see it overthrown or fixed. I see no guaranteed Utopia if whats currently called labor took over the means of production. I also see at present little likelihood of its happening within my lifetime. Like Max says labor can't get it together to take over the democratic party. I do think that this would be better though than the current alternative.

It seems the strategy you are following is to widen the "responsible" debate and broaden the issues discussed responsibly or otherwise. It certainly seems one plausible strategy. None of us has answers and power if we did this wouldn't be a problem. Good luck. I personally believe in establishing grassroots organizations and tieing them to political parties for starters. Also a plausible strategy and probably more necessary here in the US. However, I am an American, the Labor movement is perhaps weakest in the US. The reality of a strong Labor Party with true input or control from Unions voicing political concerns would be a hugh change of scene for the US and very beneficial. Some would call it "revolutionary". This may be the norm for a good deal of Europe. I may not like what the prevailing view of labor is in different countries but at least its an alternative. The US is a more backward society poitically sort of Half way between Europe and say much of Latin America. I personally think this Clinton thing is idiotic, in the sense that anybody takes it seriously. Earlier I asked for historical precedent and nobody could give me a good one. Its even idiotic for crazy American politics. Evidently overt American politics has little to do with American economic power.

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