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Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Sep 24 15:53:21 PDT 1998

>Max Sawicky wrote:

No I didn't. The following are the words of another.

>> > . . . They're two branches of the Party of Wall Street, and they have
stuck it to the working folks of this country while ensuring that a tiny elite of greedhead rentiers make out like bandits. Among numerous other social, environmental and legislative crimes, Clinton annihilated AFDC benefits for kids -- children, goddamn it -- and has lowered capital gains taxes for punters, while continuing to piss $270 billion or so a year on a military fighting an enemy which doesn't even exist anymore. . . . >

So are these.

>Greenspan wants to either reduce the debt with the surplus and/or pass it
along as TaX breaks. He's reluctant which is "understandable" to increase further federal spending. With 1.5 trillion in surplus if this is for real a great deal can be done to make things better. Whats your ideas for spending this money.>

We have to keep in mind that the surplus calculation is premised on interest savings that result from paying down debt. If you start spending the surplus, some has to be diverted to maintain debt service.

Here are some possibilities, though the projected surplus probably isn't enough to do all of them. Not necessarily in order of importance:

Refederalize TANF, w/national benefit standards, among other changes (about $50B extra over ten years)

Spend a lot more on day care, job training, remedial educ

for TANF beneficiaries (open ended)

Help localities expand public transit systems on a regional basis. This is actually quite important in my view, since it is key to eliminating residual pockets of unemployment. (don't know the cost)

Give states the $100 billion the General Accounting Office says they need to repair school buildings

Make Medicare universal for children, the unemployed, and public assistance recipients. (maybe $150B)

Fully fund Head Start, open it to ages 3-5. ($20-40B?)

I could go on, but it's late.


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