Marx and Engels on Friedrich List

Hinrich Kuhls kls at
Fri Sep 25 12:20:06 PDT 1998

In 1845-46 Marx wrote a critique on List's "The National System of Political Economy" (Das nationale System der politischen Oekonomie - 1841). Marx did not finish the article. The fragment of the extended outline is not included in Marx/Engels Collected Works. However, the manuscript was first published in 1972 in the journal "Beitraege zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung", vol. 14 (1972), p. 425-446. (I don't know whether it has been published in the new MEGA yet.)

For Engels' critique on List see his Second Elberfeld Address (Zweite Elberfelder Rede -1845), in MEW vol. 2, pp. 549-557.

The two pieces together with a substantial commentary "Wissenschaft und wirkliche Entwicklung der Gesellschaft" by J. Bischoff have been republished in 1972 under the title K. Marx - F. Engels, Kritik der buergerlichen Oekonomie, VSA-Verlag, Westberlin.

I think these writings cannot be ignored when discussing the standing of F. List from a critical point of view.


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