Golf? Tennis?

Derrick Fogle, MLERF dfogle at
Fri Sep 25 14:46:34 PDT 1998

Hey, I've got a "Real" sport for all you leftists and socialists: Footbag.

Yes, I'm talking about the activity most people mistakenly call "Hacky Sack" for the first name-brand of its kind.

While footbag can be played at a competitive level (I compete in footbag tournaments), the basis for "Hacking" is a model for society in general: Everyone is welcome to join the "Hacky Circle", no matter the skill level - and the least skilled are often the most encouraged; The circle is totally cooperative - nobody 'loses' if someone misses the bag; When the bag does hit the ground, it is picked up by whoever is closest and served to another player in the circle.

Footbag as a cooperative game has been a springboard for international peacemaking ventures. Check out the "Footbag Peace Initiative" web site at <>.

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