James Devine jdevine at popmail.lmu.edu
Mon Sep 28 08:11:50 PDT 1998

1. Doug, is it worth it for someone to buy the paperback if he or she already owns the hardback edition of your book? Oh -- I know Doug's answer to that one. So let's make it specific: have all the data in the paperback edition been updated to encorporate the most recent info?

2. Someone on lbo-talk asked something like "how will the markets like the election of Schroeder?" (probably without the anthopomorphization of the "markets"). Please -- don't ask that kind of question. There's no answer. The daily and hourly fluctuations of speculative markets is totally and utterly unpredictable -- unless of course you have some sort of inside information. And if you have inside info, it hurts your bottom line to share it with us.

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