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Mon Sep 28 19:13:53 PDT 1998

>From what I can tell you folks have your heads so far up where the sun
doesn't shine that you haven't noticed that the Greens got 15% and 17% in recent NM congressional races. This in the poorest state in America--25% at last count.

I don't know about the Greens on the grimy banks of the Hudson, but the Greens on the muddy banks of the Rio Grande stand for more social and economic justice and hope for the poor than anyone on this sorry-assed list could muster. What's the median income of those on this list I wonder?

Carol Miller--candidate for 3rd CD--runs a health clinic in northern New Mexico, a very rural Hispanic poor area. Bob Anderson--candidate for 1st CD--has worked in union organizing so long that he puts you folks to shame. Hell, he was AT Wounded Knee--on the right side and under fire for the whole siege. Of course he actually got dirt under his fingernails working in the Pittsburgh steel mills--not from tapping on a keyboard all day.

If you people didn't spend so much time worrying about revolution in Russia or scrying for mystical marks on the entrails of the financial markets, I imagine the left would actually look alive in the rest of the country... As it is, the only real Leftist organization in the country right now is in New Mexico, and it's Green.

chuck miller

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Brad De Long wrote:
> > I think that the population in Lower East Side coffee houses is vastly
> > lower than the population in certain coffee houses on the left coast.
> Wait a minute -- do you mean to tell me that people actually exist
> outside of the campfire warmth and radical conspiracies of the Sacred
> Place of Cappucino Worship? So that explains those poor bastards outside
> of the grimed, rain-splashed windows, begging for a latte. I always
> thought they were former Southeast Asian bankers or busted mutual funds
> hucksters or something. Well, this particular radical mammal has to
> mosey off to a refill -- it's a jungle in here...
> -- Dennis


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