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Still taking a break from the List and Krugman exchanges, I'll just pass on some bibliographic info:

I want to thank Michael Pollack for clarifying that the one drop rule or hypo descent has meant exactly that in much of America and for much of its history. Michael's important "pedantic" correction is substantiated in F James Davis Who is Black?One Nation's Definition (Penn State Press, 1993)

As for Mat's query about sources on racism and race in Cuba, the following works have been recommended to me

Vera Kutzinski, Sugar's Secrets: Race and the Erotics of Cuban Nationalism Nancy Leys Stepan, The Hour of Eugenics: Race, Gender and Nation in Latin

America (about 10 or so pages specifically on Cuba) Aline Helg, "Race in Argentina and Cuba, 1880-1930" in The Idea of Race in

Latin America, 1870-1940 Pedro Sarduey, ed. AfroCubanism (will have to check the actual cite)

Now I don't have the cites for the following

A recent Latin American Perspectives is devoted to Race and Racism in

Latin America In Review of Latin American Studies (mid 1990s), there was an informative

essay on intermarriage In Science and Society (mid 70s, I think), there was a critical analysis

of anti racism after the revolution.

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Mathew Forstater wrote:

> Resourceful people- For a student who wants to look at issues of race, racism,
> racial and ethnic discrimination, etc. in Cuba, pre- and post revolution, please
> recommend to me books and articles. Thanks in advance, Mat

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