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Tue Sep 29 13:55:00 PDT 1998

A member of my PhD supervisory committee grew up in rural Utah. During the depression, almost everyone was a democratic. There was only one republican family in the town, and they had a daughter that went to school with my professor. He said one day a bunch of kids, including himself I believe, tied her to a swing set during lunch recess and left her there when the bell sounded. In a Christmas Story-esque scene, he said everyone in his class denied involvement in full view through the panes of the tied up girl.


---------- From: Rosser Jr, John Barkley

I guess I don't buy this story that Texas has gone conservative/libertarian/Republican because it has become southern rather than western. Just as in the South, so in much of the West there has been a big switch from supporting Democrats to being very Republican. This has happened in states like Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and others, if not necessarily in ultra-progressively green New Mexico.

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