The Red-Green Bird of Eco-Socialist Paradise

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Tue Sep 29 20:16:50 PDT 1998

For what, getting grumpy? I've heard stuff on this list I wouldn't let my dog read.

chuck miller

BTW I make a lot--depending on the year. I've been out of work during the last six months and I pay child support. I don't own a house. I make huge payments on a car with a cracked windshield. I live in a 150 year-old adobe in the middle of the barrio. Average take for the last three years: Approx. $50K. And I still live from paycheck to paycheck. In my wild Marxian fantasies I see myself at the forefront of what I like to call "the chronically employed/unemployed but in debt up to my ass class." That's the bane of the IT consultant in his/her mid-life crisis on the road to ruin. If there is a revolution in America, I imagine it'll be kneaded out of scum of the earth like me.

Doug Henwood wrote:

> bautiste at wrote:
> >I don't know about the Greens on the grimy banks of the Hudson, but the
> >Greens on the muddy banks of the Rio Grande stand for more social and
> >economic justice and hope for the poor than anyone on this sorry-assed list
> >could muster.
> Your exit from this sorry-assed region could be very easily arranged.
> >What's the median income of those on this list I wonder?
> You first, buddy.
> Doug


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