It Ain't Easy Bein Green

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Tue Sep 29 20:29:37 PDT 1998

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Though the workerist elements
> of your defense are not compelling, except to
> those who are insecure about their bourgie
> status.

What is a workerist element? And what is bourgie status? Is this supposed to be obvious?

> I don't recall Brad castigating greens,
> only noting their proliferation along
> the Left Coast (and these not the red-
> green type, actually).

That was what got me riled up. But to lumpen all Greens in with only those you see is like me lumping everyone on this list as some retrograde Marxists--something I will keep to myself if I think that or not (which I don't mostly). I am probably wrong about this, but I thought I detected in Brad's remark a generalized statement about all Greens. I just thought I'd set him straight on how much that is untrue.

> My basic criticism is the tendency within
> green-ism towards straightfoward, reactionary
> economics, reflected in the notion that U.S.
> workers' incomes are too high. This comes
> from all types of greens, including some of
> the purportedly 'red-green' variety.

As far as I can tell, this is the European, especially German Green position--a stand I find ridiculous. Bob Anderson, the Green candidate for Congress, actually said the minimum wage should be about $15 right now. The call for a livable wage is part of the official Green platform. We also go on record supporting Bernie Sanders' bill.

> [ribbet]

Watch out for that coyote Eugene.


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