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Thu Apr 1 02:44:40 PST 1999

Mr. Rugova told a TV team [broadcasted during the morning news in the main German TV channels at 01.04.99 about 06:00 GMT] that he is unaware of the death of Mr. Agani and that he assumes that Mr. Agani is alive and well.

Rugova lebt [Rugova alive] including video.

see also: Kriegspropaganda oder Wahrheit [Wartime propaganda or truth] including video.

Hinrich Kuhls

At 07:52 31.03.99 +0100, Chris Burford wrote:

>Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo
> Report by
> the
> International
> Helsinki
> Federation
> for
> Human
> Rights
> and
> the
> Kosovo
> Helsinki
> Committee
>Vienna, 30 March 1999.


>The IHF is deeply concerned that the systematic killing of prominent
>Albanians in Kosovo
>is based on a criminal policy to decapitate the society by destroying its
>moral, intellectual and political leadership. In recent days, numerous
>leading Albanian figures have reportedly been abducted and executed in
>door-to-door raids, including e.g. Dr. Fehmi Agani, a top political advisor
>to Ibrahim Rugova, leading voice in moderation and ranking member of the
>Kosova delegation in Peace Talks in Paris,


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