What parties should form governments?

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at jhu.edu
Thu Apr 1 07:35:46 PST 1999

At 07:53 PM 3/31/99 -0800, Brad DeLong wrote:
><irony> That's why the Communists boycotted the Greek election of
>There are deep, deep questions about what political democracies should do
>when confronted with profoundly anti-democratic parties--those that claim
>to derive their powers from the will of the leader or the possession of
>books of holy writ that contain the key to the riddle of history.

Can you cite a single instance of a "political democracy" that have been overthrown by a Left wing revolution (driven by a "holy writ") - as opposed to a Right wing coup (driven by the "will of the leader")?


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