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I thought readers of lbo-talk might be interested in a post on another mailing-list to which I subscribe, a "net-art" list called 7-11.

Andrej Tisma wrote:
> Last night at 5:00 AM I was awaken by strong bomb explosion near my
> house. After that 10 minutes later there was another strong explosion.
> The Novi Sad civilian bridge over Danube in the center of the city,
> only 200 meters from my house, was hit by NATO bombers and totally
> destroyed. Windows near bridge are all broken on hundreds of houses,
> also on the Philosophic Faculty, Museum of Vojvodina, elementary
> school (where I used to go) . Bridge fell into the water and blocked
> the way to the ships. Also the water supply, which went trough the
> bridge is cut for about 50.000 civilians on the opposite side of
> Danube. A real civilian tragedy, and NATO continues bombing of
> Yugoslav factories, schools (30 schools are damaged), monastery
> churches (Gracanica and Rakovica), apartment buildings (Pristina,
> Prizren), village houses etc. It seams that after 9 days of continuous
> bombing NATO commanders got mad, and can't stop their perverted crime.
> This afternoon I went with my wife and daughter to see the remnants of
> the bridge. My daughter made some photos for souvenir. We are scared
> that other two bridges on Danube not far from our home will be next.
> Every night planes are roaring high in the sky. The air raid alarm now
> takes 24 hours, like yesterday, so we can't stay in the bomb shelter
> all the time. That is very dangerous. Also one can not sleep at night
> normally, so we are all very tired physically an psychically.
> We hoped some signals given by president Milosevic to NATO through
> Russian prime minister Primakov to continue the negotiations for a
> political solution of Kosovo problem will be welcomed by NATO (USA),
> but they refused that. They say they will continue bombing. We were
> hoping NATO also wants the end of this aggression because it has much
> unpredicted loss: two "invisible" F-117 stealth bombers were shot down
> these days, and one yesterday damaged, landed in Zagreb. Also 7 other
> NATO planes were shot down, and four helicopters.
> Today I took part on artists' protest Anti NATO Art Action meeting at
> noon in Novi Sad Cultural center where we made an exhibition (I put
> some internet graphics). Poets, musicians, actors were participating
> reading poetry, singing opera pieces, guitar songs etc. Outside there
> was the big rock concert in open, on the main square of Novi Sad,
> against NATO. All people, about 5.000 of them, wearing paper targets
> on their bodies. All that was happening in the time of air raid
> alarm. Our people will not give up, even now when civilian targets
> have been hit and destroyed or damaged. But we are getting tired
> without regular sleep, and shocked by the unbelievable NATO's
> unscrupulousness.
> Albanian people is also suffering from those bombings in Kosovo cities
> and villages. The river of refugees is now bigger than before bombing.
> What is NATO's real purpose? It seams that it is not anymore the
> Albanians human rights, or anybody's, but conquering the Kosovo
> territory for installing their military bases. Now Rugova shoved up
> asking NATO to stop the bombing, because Albanians are in very
> delicate situation, KLA is almost destroyed. Vatican also asked for
> stopping of NATO aggression, and many European countries too. What
> does Clinton think he is? Stop him before it destroys all 26
> nationalities that are living in Serbia and Yugoslavia, for his and
> USA's geostrategic purposes only.
> Andrej
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The guy who wrote this happens to be an artist who makes web sites, not a rapist-thug-ethnic cleanser. Also, like me, he has a wife and a daughter. But unlike him, no one is dropping aerial bombs 700 feet away from my house just now. So I don't need to make paper targets to pin on myself and my family yet.

Yours WDK - WKiernan at concentric.net

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