PC hardware cost trends towards zero

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 2 10:54:12 PST 1999

Collecting intellectual property fees from individual consumers in the form of sale price is an obsolete and unenforcible practice. All softwares will reside in the network rather than the desktop/palmtop. The copy right fees are levied on a per use basis in a hidden manner paid by a third party who will eventually get it back from the controlled consumer. There does not even have to be overt visiual advertisement. Subliminal psychol impulses will be received by consumers during the exposure. Movies will be free, or better yet, the movie house will pay you $10 to go in and when you leave at the end of the movie, you will have this incredible urge to sign a contract for life insurance from Equitable, or to go to war to save refugees.

Henry C.K. Liu

Jordan Hayes wrote:

> A friend of mine noticed that Microsoft claims they "lost" $90M last
> year to software piracy in China, yet Coca Cola spent nearly $300M on
> advertising in China. The co-marketing genius is clear: put Coke ads
> in Microsoft software and get rid of "software piracy" as an
> international trade issue.
> http://www.free-car.com/ is already down that road; I imagine that the
> car is free, but the radio is always on and the sattelite GPS rig
> determines that you're headed to the Safeway for beer (again!) and
> nudges you in the direction of the Bud aisle ...
> http://www.free-home.com/ I think is still available for this marvelous
> business plan: you get the house free, but there are big TV screens in
> each room that tell you what to buy and where it goes best with the
> rest of the smart-house decor.
> The new danger of of the Telescreen is not that they might be watching,
> but that they are selling.
> /jordan

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