"Pro-Serb-Nationalism"/"Pro-Milosevic" Baiting and the Death ofYugoslavia

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Fri Apr 2 11:54:05 PST 1999


Read your own post. Yoshie

>Yoshie says:
>> It has been my experience on this list that those who do not swallow the
>> imperial thesis that "Serbs are the worst rapists, ethnic cleansers, and
>> organizers of genocide" have been repeatedly characterized as
>> "pro-Serb-nationalism" and/or "pro-Milosevic." I have no probelm refuting
>Really? Please cite one post where anybody propounded the thesis that "the
>Serbs are the worst rapists, etc. etc.", or where anybody characterized
>anyone as pro-Serb-nationalism or pro-Milo. What we are is uniformly
>concerned more about the threat of genocide by Serbs against Kosovari than
>the converse, and even in the latter case we have advocated peace-keeping,
>not simple-minded support for the KLA and/or anti-Serb military operations.
>I found four posts where you preceded your cross-posting of spam with
>injunctions to "supporters of the KLA," or "supporters of the U.S., Nato,
>and the KLA" (on March 27). That was tiresome too.
>I did, of course, criticize the vulnerability of the doctrine of
>revolutionary defeatism to the case of Nazi Germany. I said this was
>lunacy, particularly because I couldn't believe anybody still buys into it.
>I also commented on one-sided cross-posting, typified by your presentation,
>unidentified, of a Serb government statement.
>> such characterization, but the frequency with which such epithets are used
>> reminds me of red-baiting rhetoric; only this time, you are not baited for
>> being a red, you are baited for being pro-Serb or pro-Milosevic.
>> Completely misleading, not to mention quite tiresome.
>I will be happy to stipulate that nobody here is pro-Serb or pro-Milo,
>though I detect some nostalgia for the old Yugoslavian Federation, the
>feeling that it still exists in some residual form. No, if the Muslims had
>the upper hand and were intent on butchering Serbs, and the U.S. intervened
>on the side of the Serbs, I'm certain you would be supporting the Muslims
>and probably amplifying a discourse on race and orientalism, or some damn
>thing. Carroll said it best: if the U.S. attacks fascists, hurrah for
>> I simply note here that this "Pro-Serb-Nationalism"/"Pro-Milosevic"
>has happened less often on three other left-political-elists I'm subbed to.
>The difference does say something about this list's subscriber
>> I also add that even in the left imagination and language, Yugoslavia (a
>> multi-ethnic country) died a long time ago, and only "Serbia" remains in
>> its place, though not all who live in "Serbia" are Serbs and not all who
>> live in "Kosovo" are Albanians. This language use reveals that despite
>> their superficial anti-nationalist rhetoric, they have actually
>> bought into the imperial strategy of carving up Yugoslavia through
>The devolution of Yugoslavia was a fact before Milo revoked Kosovo autonomy.
>Milo bears at least some responsibility for turning Yugoslavia into Lesser
>Serbia. There may be a case for NATO/IMF complicity as well, but evidently
>such schemes are imperfectly conceived or supported because the independence
>of Kosovo appears to be very much in doubt.
>Evidently some radicals are not against nationalism at all, when it fits
>into their own ulterior designs. They may have no interest in it "as a
>thing in itself." Which means they are not interested in it for the same
>reason the masses might be, only as an object of manipulation. (Experience
>with this sort of radical is what turns revolutionary nationalists into
>reactionary ones.) Some people might want to interpret that as
>anti-communist or red-baiting, but it is a fact, nor is it true of all
>communists, including some on this list.

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