Opening Borders

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Apr 3 09:26:57 PST 1999

Max Sawicky wrote:

>I beg to differ. Yoshie cross-posted something called "Balkan Stats"

Actually I posted that first, but perhaps she wasn't paying attention and she reposted it from another source. It came from Sam Smith's Progressive Review.

>was a kind of bizzarro-Harpers List which justaposed the 2,000 figure to the
>million in Iraq and to a million and a half in the Sudan. (who killed all
>the Sudanese, I wonder, but I digress).

The point of the numbers was pretty clear, as I've said about 14 times now, Max. Tales of "humanitarian catastrophe" were greatly exaggerated, and the death toll in Kosovo in 1998 was greatly eclipsed by disasters about which the U.S. and NATO have done nothing (but they're Africans, so let's mark down the numbers appropriately - there's a melanin-density factor in judging "humanitarian catastrophes," isn't there?) or, as in the case of Iraq (1 million dead from sanctions - a price well worth paying, as Madeleine Albright has said), for which the U.S. is directly responsible.

These facts, which I don't believe are in serious dispute, reveal the pretexts for U.S./NATO intervention to be utter horseshit.


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