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In message < at>, Chris Burford <cburford at> writes
>One of the imperialist and foolish features of the NATO led war, is the
>demonisation of Milosevic. While I certainly agree there is evidence to try
>him for war crimes and crimes against humanity, it is typical of western
>militarist enterprises, to try to personalise the individual. Compare the
>treatment of Hussein.


>It is quite clear that Milosevic could not have done all this alone. There
>is a 20 years history of growing nationalist and chauvinist attitudes
>penetrating the former League of Communists of Yugoslavia, crushing legal
>accountability and developing a social formation

It seems a bit naive to me to think that the ethnic tensions within Tito's Yugoslavia only date back twenty years. Tito played off Slovenes and Croats against Serbs from the beginning. His difficulty was that the Serbs were the largest single ethnicity, and to maintain a measure of equal representation Tito set out to draw provincial borders that nipped off large portions of the Serb population into Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. That's why the disintegration has taken the form that it has. Clearly there are no large Albanian, Bosniac or Croat populations within the Serb province.

>that is social fascist.
>Sorry Doug, I cannot argue my case without using such a concept.

Well that speaks volumes. 'Social fascist' is a concept that was an intrinsic part of Stalinist political science, but was rejected by those who did not have to justify the policy of physical attacks on the German SPD in collusion with the NSDAP. 'Social fascist' is not a concept it is a meaningless slander directed by Stalinists against working class organisations.

>if they overlook an analysis of the
>formation that has given rise to Bosnia as well as Kosovo, they are not
>approaching the issue in a marxist way.

For Marxism, read 'the official marxist ideology of the USSR'. What Marx would have made of this clap-trap is anyone's guess.
>I am sure that I am likely to
>regard her political views as infected with revisionism of marxism on the
>national question and either colluding in or actively abetting social
>fascism and social chauvinism.

Indeed, why bother finding out if the prescient powers of Chris' marxoid science can solve ahead of time what Mrs Milosevic is saying? This kind of pompous invocation of the old man's name must be why Marx said 'All I know is that I am not a marxist'.

Mrs Milosevic: 'Revising Marx on the national question I have decided to collude or to actively abet social fascism and social chauvinism - so vote Milosevic on May 3rd!' -- Jim heartfield

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