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Mon Apr 5 15:45:40 PDT 1999

Yoshie is supporting social fascism. Chris Burford

GN: Looks that way to me, but I hadn't wanted to post it. In any case the diversity of views even amongst the ostensible left is way to great to go hammering away at one person. It is clear to me however that the drug-running Kosovar theory is running-dog propaganda 'gainst the Kosovars. Not that they aren't running drugs. But the Kosovars were having public demonstrations for independence in the 1950s, and again in 1968. They were given a special autonomy statute in 1974 after another round of extensive demonstrations. Which Milosovic unitlaterally revoked. The only reason these things were happening is that *even then* in "happy Yugoslavia" there was great resentment of the SErbian dominated federal police force.

The dominant decision making body (aside from Tito) was called the "Chamber of Nationalities." This speaks volumes about the "depth" of social commitment to a unified Yugoslavia. Anyhow it would be wrong to suggest that a movement whose *immediate roots* go back nearly fifty years is some kind of madcap drug empire deal. -gn -- Gregory P. Nowell Associate Professor Department of Political Science, Milne 100 State University of New York 135 Western Ave. Albany, New York 12222

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