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Dave Markland markland at uniserve.com
Wed Apr 7 00:37:51 PDT 1999

Received from Mike Albert if ZNet:

from the Progressive Review (I haven't been able to fact check their work but it corresponds closely to what I would expect and have seen elsewhere), which is the Princeton University Student's newspaper, consider the following:


FROM A COLUMN BY TONY SNOW: Key members of the United States Senate sat slack-jawed through a confidential briefing last Thursday from the Clinton administration foreign-policy team. ~~ After the foreign-policy wise men asserted that the United States has a moral imperative to stop the murderous Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, one senator asked: How many Albanians have Milosevic's troops massacred this year? The president's emissaries turned ashen. They glanced at each other. They rifled through their papers. One hazarded a guess: "Two thousand?" No, the senator replied, that was the number for all of last year. He wanted figures for the last month - or even the year to date, since the president had painted such a grisly picture of genocide in his March 24 address to the nation. ~~ The senator pressed on. How often have such slaughters occurred? Nobody knew. As it turns out, Kosovo has been about as bloody this year as, say, Atlanta. You can measure the deaths not in the hundreds, but dozens. (I'm not trying to deny Milosevic's brutality here; only to provide some comparisons.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Max says:
>Meanwhile, from the news
>reports, NATO bombing of purely civilian facilities appears to be
>while Clinton says "we're in it to win it," and "no way ground troops,"
>which adds up to a formula for interminable bombing of anything and
>everything from top to bottom. I am against this. I said I would be days
>ago, when they had started by confining themselves -- more or less -- to
>military targets.

So, Max, you were behind the bombings when they were serving to escalate an extremely volotile situation in Kosovo while it was, it seems, relatively calm? Recall, as Zinn notes today, that Clinton et al. had every reason to anticipate this.

Regards, Dave

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