NATO: Nuclear American Terrorist Organization

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Tue Apr 6 10:30:41 PDT 1999

Dear Bob,

I guess your referring to the reported use by NATO of depleted uranium weapons. Ramsey Clark seems to think so.

I'm telling people for my old pals that the Yugo/Serbs were our allies in two world wars and the Cold War. I'm thinking of Pete M., Ronnie M., Dirty Dan U., Tom Y., Burt V., and others, heck even old timers like my dads pal George K. This has got to be heart-breaking for American Serbian veterans particularly the WWII set.

Did you know that Clinton refused to see any of the Orthodox church leaders who offered to make peace prior to the start of this affair---any and all of them from what I've read.

Tom L.

"Anderson, Bob" wrote:

> the real interpretation
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