2 U.S. groups flout U.N. sanctions, take medicine to Iraq

W. Kiernan WKiernan at concentric.net
Tue Apr 6 18:44:46 PDT 1999

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
> At 12:22 PM 4/6/99 -0600, Maureen wrote:
> > to imperialist U.S. sanctions against the people of Iraq. According
> > to Madeline Albright the suffering of Iraqi people is well worth the
> > cost of displacing Saddam Hussein.
> I wonder to what extent the arrogance and incompetence of that bitch
> contributed to the failure of negotiated solution in Kosovo?
> Wojtek

Hello Wojtek!

Do you think she even wanted a negotiated solution? The answer is obvious in today's refusal to consider Milosevic's cease-fire offer. And just a minute ago I read Chris Burford's business about

> ...the war of the Albanians of Kosovo for their independence...a just
> war.

Does Chris Burford seriously believe that anyone in NATO is the least bit concerned with Kosovan independance? It looks to me like the U.S. wants to _use up_ the Kosovo Liberation Army, just the same as Stalin used up the Jewish partisans in Warsaw; sure as Hell you can't imagine Washington, or capital in general sees something desirable in any "<fill in the blank> Liberation Army." To see this again, look how we tease and play around with the Kurdish Liberation Front, but we never lift a finger to help them even in Iraq, and we even narked out their leader for the benefit of Turkey; my guess is they must have been beginning to be too successful, so the U.S. stabbed our erstwhile allies in the back.

As far as our so-called "humanitarian" impulse toward the civilians in Kosovo: First, by aerial bombing Serbia, but with zero ground support for our offensive, we deliberately brought down the worst of all likely consequences on their heads. Second, now we're showering Kosovo, and all the civilians therein who have not been trucked to the border, with un-precision gravity bombs and even cluster bombs. Under these circumstances, Milosevic, by forcibly evacuating civilian Albanians off of ground zero, may actually be doing them a favor! The fact is that the U.S. doesn't give a damn about civilians in Kosovo any more than it cared about the civilians in Rwanda, where we sat on our thumbs and did absolutely jack while they died by the hundreds of thousands.

The only difference from Rwanda is that in Kosovo, those refugees look so innocent, so telephotogenic, so deserving of U.S. public empathy, so - why beat around the bush? - so Caucasian. So at least in Rwanda, while the U.S. did nothing, at least there was no motivation deliberately to try to make the crisis ten times more acute, as NATO has done in Kosovo. I'll bet right now practically everyone in Serbia, including a majority of Kosovo Albanians, wishes they could have enjoyed that same neglect that the Rwandans got from the U.S. State Department.

I suspect it may not be just the dictates of imperialism, either. Our President Clinton, he always really admired that notorious philanderer and warmonger John Kennedy; he even admitted it in public, which to me is like saying you're a big fan of John Wayne Gacy or something like that. JFK screwed Marilyn Monroe in the White House, so WJC had to go after La Lewinsky. JFK had his "Peace Corps," WJC has his "Americorps," and so on. WJC even seems to try to emulate JFK's pompous rhetorical style, which was sure plenty annoying in the original and downright tooth-grinding in the Arkansas-accented re-runs.

Well, despite the most frantic efforts at revisionism by Oliver Stone & Co., the fact remains that it's JFK who invaded Cuba, and it's JFK who inaugurated the U.S. chapter of the Vietnam War, such a roaring success that was, and we all know how a "good war" runs up a President's polls, and how WJC feels about polls - like a junkie feels about a big bottle of liquid morphine - and now, maybe, here's WJC trying to emulate that bastard again. I shudder to think of what happens if WJC decides that JFK's "finest hour" was when he put those seven thousand megatons in the air during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Yours WDK - WKiernan at concentric.net

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