Burford's post re Yoshie

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Tue Apr 6 21:48:26 PDT 1999

> >re: totalitarian? nope, won't fly either...
> agreed. misuse of the word in a common sense way: as in someone demanding
> conformity to a particular interpretation of a theory.
> as for the rest it stands, apparently huh? cause no one suggested that i
> was wrong in my characterization there. again, none of this means that i
> don't respect yoshie. i tried many times to engage her in a conversation
> kelley

remainder of your previous message wasn't worth responding to...I'm a bit uncomfortable talking about someone who isn't 'here' but I've never encountered above problem vis-a-vis Yoshie, maybe she didn't want to talk to you...Michael Hoover

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