Burford's post re Yoshie

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Apr 8 06:38:52 PDT 1999

I took my sab yesterday. I checked all of your past posts and you are correct. You have disproven Goedel's theorem on the necessity of inconsistent statements in any logical system. Lets call a press conference.


>>> Max Sawicky <sawicky at epinet.org> 04/06/99 04:47PM >>>
> Chas: Oh goodie, Max, now I can start going over your
> posts with a fine tooth logical comb ! Do you think I
> will find contradictory sentences somewhere in all
> that you write ?


Bullshit, yes, but of a remarkable purity & consistency.

But to do your post justice, which I intend to do, I will need to go on a week sabbatical, upgrade my computer, and obtain an NSF grant. Right now I have to leave in order to beat the rush hour traffic in time to pick up my daughter.


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