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New feature: besides ABC News, The Jerusalem Post, The Toronto Star, L'Humanité, El País, National Geographic, Human Rights Watch and National Post, now you can search in our site directly topics in One World and Alta Vista.

CNN, patron of manipulation, has its auditorium all around the world Steelworkers will sue California Department of Forestry: Headwaters Forest Deal Mergings, mergings...Lucky Strike / Kent makers to buy Rothmans International

Thailand facing growing business pressure to let the baht weaken

Sinn Fein rejects Blairs plan

Bell workers set up picket lines

UK: firefighters warned they are prepared to repeat last summer's strike Residents of the Niger delta region have seized boats and pipeline facilities from multinational companies Johannesburg planned bus strike to affect 6.000.000 India: indefinite strike by private transporters Korea: Activists stage sit-in to protest bill on human rights panel Boeing to sell a subsidiary at Va. that provides computer services to the U S federal gov't Paperwork waiting to be dealt with by immigration officers is now so large that rats are nibbling at stacks of files Internet: Customer boycott bites Global financial crisis might last longer 9,600 technicians and operators of Bell Canada to strike NATO's push-button arrogance Unionized workers staged a sit down to protest against GM Six month strike in Kaiser to end Saskatchewan nurses strike to burst Boeing is laying off 280 workers on its fighter aircraft line in St. Louis. 620 more employees can lose their jobs Korea union warns of strike over reforms India: Doctors to intensify strike Brewing workers poised to strike in Minnesota Ghana Health Workers Win Extra Duty Allowance Nigeria: seven week primary school teachers protest Endocranial cast shows allosaurus was more closely related to crocodiles than to birds Bus drivers strike in Indianapolis

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yugoslavian New Green Party: NATO bombing is endangering the entire environment of Europe AEK Athens football squad played a friendly with Partizan in support of peace U.S. BOMBS CIVILIANS and REJECTS CEASE-FIRE Protests against NATO's attack on Yugoslavia are spreading worldwide Half Million Serbs Were Driven Out of Bosnia and Croatia - Where Are They? Clinton Administration Manipulation of News - Is it working? Washington wants to change NATO to an intervention force ready to strike worldwide China condemned intensified NATO airstrikes in Yugoslavia War in Kosovo has thrown up a cloud of nettlesome questions for Clinton's administration

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