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Sun Apr 11 17:09:52 PDT 1999

Went perusing for some Econ. documents at the UW library this afternoon and picked up some material on Senate approval of NATO expansion, Turkey and the Kurds, and privatizing National Security regarding fissionable material from Russia.

Sources will follow quotes:

"Bob Smith (R-NH) called attention to a recent poll, conducted April 23-26 (1998), showed that only 32% supported expansion when confronted with the cost estimates that put the US taxpayer share at between 400million and 19billion$ over 10 years for the 1st round of expansion." Arms Control Today, April 1998, p. 20

"Since 1980, the US has sold or given Turkey 15billion$ worth of weapons. Turkey, in turn, has leveled, burned, or forcibly evacuated 3,000 Kurdish villages. Forty thousand lives have been lost and two million have been made homeless." The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, March/April 1999, p. 27.

"Washington has consistently put domestic commercial and financial interests, most notably those involved in the recent privatization of the US Enrichment Corporation (USEC) ahead of US national security interests...The deal--worth an estimated 12billion $ to Moscow-- would guarantee that the Russian HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium, enough to build more than 20,000 nuclear weapons, would never again be used for weapons purposes." Arms Control Today, August/September 1998, p. 8.

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