Hitler admirer elected Austrian governor

S Pawlett epawlett at uniserve.com
Mon Apr 12 11:57:48 PDT 1999

Michael Hoover wrote:

> any listers have info on last Thursday's election of neo-fascist Joerg
> Haider as governor of Austrian southern province of Carinthia?...he
> apparently resigned from this same position earlier in decade after
> praising Hitler's labor policies...Haider, leader of far-right,
> anti-immigration Freedom Party, opposes European Union enlargement
> because (he says) it will result in torrent of central and eastern
> European immigrants looking for work...the guy has indicated that
> he has national political ambitions

Haider is the so-called "yuppie fascist". His father was a Nazi paratrooper and his mother was a member of the Nazi women's league. He has run for national office before, receiving around 25% of the vote. It was revealed he was behind the beating of Austrian anti-fascist journalist Wolfgang Puschneller, who had exposed Nazism in the ranks of the Viennese police force. Regarding the incident, Haider said "it is time we brought these tiresome leftists to their senses". Hitchens had an article on Haider in Salon some time ago. An excellent book is _The Beast Reawakens_ by Martin A. Lee. Some links on Haider and the European Nazi scence: http://germanyalert.com/index.htm http://www.s-light.demon.co.uk/ http://www.fmdc.calpoly.edu/libarts/mriedlsp/Publications/publications.html

Sam Pawlett

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