marching in goose step (was: Slogans)

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Mon Apr 12 12:43:19 PDT 1999

At 08:20 AM 4/12/99 +0200, Johannes wrote:
>By 'political solutions' you mean reformist solutions (as opposed to

Yes, with certain reservations. "Revolutionary" has been usually associated with a guerilla-type struggle - and I do not believe that such struggle will happe, or even is a viable option, i idustrialized nations.

But it can also mean going beyond the electoral/political representation process, and that sense it also "revolutionary." I just attended a presentation on international NGO strategies to mobiize support for human rights and [revention of violnece agains women issues. One of th emain point was that these organizations were in way 'representative' in the electoral sense (i.e. voted in). They were, for th emost part, political entrepreneurs acting on behalf of their constituencies (the concept of a vanguard party comes to mind). But they wre also were efective in waht they were doing - more effective that electoral politics would have been.



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