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Tue Apr 13 04:20:45 PDT 1999

Jim heartfield wrote:
> In message <000501be8567$c7e127a0$6a15b0cf at sawicky>, Max Sawicky
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> Max's points were interesting, though I did not agree with all of them,
> but cutting to the chase:
> >
> >8. What's the right demand for the left? Support self-determination for
> >Kosova.
> Self-determination for Kosova? Who amongst the Kosovars is demanding
> self-determination? I thought they were demanding autonomy within the
> Yugoslav republic (in the period from 1970 to 1989), restoration of
> autonomy with Western support (1989 to Rambouillet) and to be made a UN
> Protectorate (from Rambouillet to now). At no time have the Kosovars
> sought to be an independent state.
Jim, I dont know who you take to be represantative for the Kosovars, but it seems you take Rugovas moderate LDK as it. The more radical forces have been rallying around the UCK (KLA ). If you go to http://www.zik.com/english/kla8.htm you will find out the UCK has been frequently demanding independence. BTW, I dont think self-determination necessarily means secession, it could take the form of autonomy, confederation etc. The decisive point is to let the Kossovorians decide for themselves. Exactly thats what was denied to them by the NATO powers, who forced them into acceptance of Rambouillet.
>Western intervention has accelerated
> the ethnic disintegration and the refugee crisis. Stopping Western
> intervention is the best thing that any of us can try to do.
>The best first step to challenge the grip
> that Milosevic and his Serb chauvinism have on Yugoslavia is indeed to
> stop the bombings.
I am in full agreement with you here, to stop the NATO intervention is the precondition of any solution.
> they are fighting to create a Nato enclave in the
> Balkans.
What else do you expect them to do? Its our task to show that NATO is not a solution and its only going to use the Kosovars for their own end. The West never suuported self-determination for the Kosovars. Johanes

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