Carl Remick cremick at
Tue Apr 13 08:52:11 PDT 1999

> Would you give a gun
> to a complete stranger knowing that he is going to use the gun
> but you don't
> know who on? >
> If I had the luxury of time to investigate I would use it. If I
> didn't, I'd have to make a decision based on what I know (not
> much), and in light of what I suspect to be happening in Kosova
> (extremely bad).

This willingness to do something, anything, because atrocities have occurred -- even if the response precipitates more atrocities from the original source or causes atrocities itself -- is bewildering. The gung-ho NATO chorus seems driven solely by impulse and moral grandstanding without a single spark of foresight in evidence.

I hold with Chomsky's comment, first expressed in "Z": "... there is a heavy burden of proof to meet in threatening or using force in violation of the principles of international order. Perhaps the burden can be met, but that has to be shown, not merely proclaimed with passionate rhetoric."

Carl Remick

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