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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Apr 13 10:07:02 PDT 1999

Jim wrote:
>Johannes Schneider <Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net> writes
> >If you go to
> >http://www.zik.com/english/kla8.htm you will find out the UCK has been
> >frequently demanding independence.
> But when I go to the site it is clear that the KLA only ever raises the
> demand for independence' as a negotiating counter to rally the West to
> intervene. In every practical respect the KLA is a Washington based
> lobby demanding Western intervention. It's relations to International
> Agencies clearly more important to it than its relations to the
> Kosovars.
Jim, without any doubt its easy for an eductaed Marxist to ridicule the KLAs crude nationalism and its obviously the KLA is not a revolutionary-socialist organisation. Those appeals to 'International Agencies' you are criticising you will find in the proclamations of almost all movements struggling for national independence. E.g. dont you remember the PLO claiming to be the sole representative of the Palestians? So nothing unusual with the KLA in this respect. When it comes to your conviction that the KLA is just 'a Washington based lobby' thats simply false. Actually the KLA has their roots within the society of Kosovo itself. How else was it possible that the KLA could have started a guerilla war inside Kosovo? Just until recently the darling of the West was the self-styled Gandhi of the Kosovo Rugova and his LDK. Just one year ago the American diplomat Gelbhardt denounced the KLA as a gang of drug traffickers. Only when the KLA won wide support within the Kosovo last year the West took them serious. If you look at the roots of the UCK you will find out that they can be found in the various Hoxhaist groups inside the Kosovo ( and outside, mainly Germany and Switzerland ) of the early 80ties. One of those groups the LPK (Peoples Movement of Kosovo) was regularly listed in the reports of the German and Swiss secret services as 'social-revolutionary'. Frequently their propaganda material and assets were seized by the authorities. Johannes

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