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Dear Doug,

Whatever happened to the American who shot to death the Bosnian Serb politician a month or so ago. The politician who was shot wasn't a member of Slobby's party either.

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Doug Henwood wrote:

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> From: Student Union of Yugoslavia <suserb at sezampro.yu>
> Subject: <nettime> Political assasination in Serbia
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> Slavko Curuvija, owner of the Yugoslav opposition newspaper Dnevni Telegraf,
> was shot to death on Sunday. Witnesses reported that Curuvija and his wife were
> entering their apartment building in Belgrade when two unidentified gunmen
> approached them from behind. Curuvija was shot eleven times in the head and
> back, while his wife was knocked down by one of the attackers.
> The Dnevni Telegraf has been in trouble with the Yugoslav government on a
> number of occasions for reporting against the views of the regime. Predictions
> that the NATO intervention shall be used by the regime for brutal confrontation
> with their opposition have turned out to be wellgrounded.
> This whole incident has confirmed once more that the NATO intervention has had
> an appalling effect on all aspects of the crisis that was the reason for its
> initiation in the first place. The situation in Yugoslavia is deteriorating by
> the day and shall continue to do so if something does not change in the way the
> Kosovo crisis is dealt with.
> ------
> U nedelju je ubijen Slavko Curuvija, vlasnik opozicionog dnevnog lista "Dnevni
> telegraf". Ocevici kazu da je Curuvija sa zenom ulazio u svoju zgradu u
> Beogradu kada su im dva neidentifikovana napadaca prisla s ledja. Curuvija je
> upucan 11 puta u glavu i ledja, dok je njegovu zenu oborio jedan od napadaca.
> Dnevni telegraf je bio u sukobu s vlastima zbog napisa protiv rezima. Pokazale
> su se kao opravdane sumnje da ce intervencija NATO-a biti iskoriscena za
> brutalno razracunavanje sa protivnicima rezima unutar Srbije.
> Ovaj dogadjaj je jos jednom pokazao da je intervencija NATO-a katastrofalno
> uticala na sve aspekte krize, zbog kojih je originalno zapocela. Situacija u
> Jugoslaviji se pogorsava iz dana u dan i to se nece zaistaviti dok se ne
> promeni nacin na koji se resava problem na Kosovu.
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> is still under construction). There you can find personal comments,
> statements of students' and nongovernmental organizations, eye witnesses,
> facts and issues and a list of civilian targets and casualties. We will
> appreciate all your comments and suggestions.
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