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Anarchist held under house arrest following anti Nike demonstration Huge job losses forecast for Norwegian Kvaerner Jeltsin plans to sell off 1 200 companies this year 10 Real Reasons to Impeach Clinton, by Howard Zinn Peoples' Global Action against 'Free' Trade and the World Trade Organisation agenda for 1999 Vlade Divac, NBA player: 'It is not about our president, it is about all of us' The US/NATO War in Yugoslavia: 8 Myths and Facts NATO bombs are destroying not just military targets but the entire ecology of the region A web site with anti-war news and analysis has been set up by Workers World On June 5, there will be a mass march from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington to the steps of the Pentagon Mumia Abu Jamal: The bombing of Yugoslavia is but a global demonstration of the ruthlessness of the American empire Letter of workers from automobile company that was bombed by NATO planes

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