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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Apr 15 09:09:54 PDT 1999

I just passed a newsstand with a local scab paper headline "Protest Mars Board Meeting". This is a local dispute wherein some people are protesting at a Detroit school board meeting because the social fascist governor of Michigan just got legislation passed to have that board no longer elected by the people of Detroit but appointed by the Mayor.

The vile contradiction is that the scab Detroit News with the above headline, like all lying monopoly media, praises to the high heavens freedom of speech/press (the vaunted First Constitutional Amendment political/intellectual rights) and voting as THE most important human rights when it comes to justification of invading an "undemocratic" country or blockading Cuba, etc. But when people in the god damn U.S.A. peacefully exercise this sacred right to protest the violation of another sacred right, instead of sanctifying the board meeting, the Detroit News says they are MARRING it.

The Detroit papers are also violating the human rights of their employees who have been on lockout for four years.

Anyone who believes the U.S. monopoly media is a free press should read Michael Parenti's _Inventing Reality_.

Big Brother is USA TODAY,

Charles Brown

>>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> 04/14/99 04:15PM >>>
Ah, our free press! I just signed onto the MSNBC website for the latest war news, and was greeted by a big headline saying "Peace plan hits hurdles: objections raised to cease-fire; NATO denies it hit refugee convoy." Always lead with obstacles and denials when you're trying to nip something in the bud! Below it is an ad for CNBC's Equal Time, hosted by Oliver North, with the tagline, "It's hard to argue with a man who's not afraid to take sides. That won't stop his guests from trying." It's hard to argue with a man who runs death squads to, but, hey, that's ancient history.


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