Marshall Plan for Balkans?

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Thu Apr 15 15:59:54 PDT 1999

At 11:30 15/04/99 -0400, Doug wrote:
>Chris Burford wrote:
>>All money is funny. It has fetishistic power. Whatever its units, its
>>exchange value is a proportion of the total social labour of the economy,
>>in this case the global economy.
>So if there's only an issuance of SDRs, and nothing else changes - no
>alterations in the structure of social labor - in Africa, then you've just
>printed money. No you haven't even done that, since SDRs are purely
>notional, and lack the substantiality of printed currency even.

But his original challenge under this thread title combined with Gunder Frank's was:

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I feel kinda bad for my first word at LBO to be - i'm not sure which - you must be kiddin' Chris, or fat chance, and with NO strings! even the Marshall Plan was a ball of them.

cheers, no? gunder frank On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Doug Henwood wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Marshall Plan for Balkans?
> Chris Burford wrote:
> >Maybe the IMF will bank roll it?? Without strings????
> Chris, you continue to outdo yourself. Do you seriously believe there's any
> chance of this? If you do, I really wonder what planet you live on.
> Doug

Well Clinton has just made an extensive strategic speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, in San Francisco.

No doubt the coincidence of several deaths of civilians this week by NATO air forces put him on the defensive. Although he is usually clever enough to try to conceal his intelligence, today was clearly the day to make the strategic rallying call.

(Yes Barkley I do think that it would be more moderate to use ground troops and to restrict the air campaign to Kosovo, and not to use US troops in the ground troops.)

Clinton's speech justified my quotation from Lenin about the economic basis of this war. The strategy he espouses is indeed about the European Union taking over the whole of the Balkans, (South West Europe). He is still against Kosovan independence because he wants Kosovo integrated into a multi-ethnic Serbia, and a multi-ethnic Serbia integrated into the Balkans as part of the EU.

In the course of the speech he sent the coded signals- the incorporation of multi-ethnic Balkan countries should be financed by the EU and "international financial institutions".

What better use for Special Drawing Rights.

I am indeed on this planet, Doug.

Chris Burford

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