Time runs out for Pinochet

David Welch welch at cwcom.net
Thu Apr 15 19:59:18 PDT 1999

How wonderful, a volunteer. Can we expect President Clinton's brains to be splattered across the Oval Office within a couple of days, or is this another example of armchair imperialism?

On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 07:38:36PM -0400, Margaret wrote:
> With any luck, Chris, it'll end with Pinochet being
> topped and a lot of thoughtful expressions on the faces
> of his would-be emulators!
> How wonderful if all such murderers-under-color-of-law
> paid for their crimes! People are not mere unfeeling
> automata, to be disposed of at the whim of a dictator
> or his murderous agents.
> le meas,
> Margaret

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