Shred NATO's credibility

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Fri Apr 16 09:02:55 PDT 1999

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Carl Remick wrote:

> As I expected, the NATO debacle in the Balkans is continuing to unfold
> along the lines of the Vietnam War. Once again, I believe, the antiwar
> movement's best tactic is to destroy the warmongers' credibility among
> the public at large. Clinton's record as a habitual liar should give a
> major boost to this effort; Blair's tendency to come across as a
> messianic nut case provides usable material; and, as I noted yesterday,
> NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark is compliantly proving himself a
> supremely inept prevaricator in the William C. Westmoreland mold.

On BBC's NewsHour today some NATO official in Macedonia was going on about how "NATO is not going to get into the business of administering or policing the refugee camps". He was asked this because of the various reports of mistreatment of Kosovars by the police and civilians in Macedonia. He just kept saying that the Macedonians would have to run the camps.

So NATO's mission is a humanitarian one, but they can't spare a few hundred military police to make sure the people we're "being humane to" don't get beat up while taking "refuge" in one of our allies' countries. OK, I get it.


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