war powers act

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Fri Apr 16 10:08:11 PDT 1999

> From dhenwood at panix.com Fri Apr 16 09:02:48 1999
> Hey, you bombers out there - how do you feel about the fact
> that Clinton is violating the War Powers Act?
> I'm no bomber, but I'll bite: how exactly is he violating the War
> Powers Act? I thought that a) Congress passed a non-binding resolution
> (unanimous - 1) in support of the action and b) it hasn't been 60
> days yet.
> /jordan

don't know if below is what Doug was alluding to, but:

in the 1973 War Powers Act, Congress insisted that, in every conceivable instance, before presidents send armed forces into situations where 'imminent hostilies' are likely, Congress should be consulted and forces committed only 1) pursuant to a congressional declaration of war 2) by specific statutory authorization 3) in a national emergency...

after committing troops under third condition, a president is to report to Congress within 48 hrs and seek congressional approval within 60 days...contrary to general understanding, this provision applies to condition #3...ostensibly, the War Powers Act allows presidents to wage war only in a national emergency, surely no one thinks that Klingon's war meets such a standard...Michael Hoover

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