Time runs out for Pinochet

David Welch welch at cwcom.net
Fri Apr 16 11:17:01 PDT 1999

On Fri, Apr 16, 1999 at 10:01:40AM -0400, Margaret wrote:
> How strange! I don't see anywhere in my post any
> mention of volunteering, or of summarily killing
> anyone, or of support for Clinton.
"With any luck, Chris, it'll end with Pinochet being topped"

Perhaps you attach some alternative meaning to 'topped' but this sounds very much like a call for Senator Pinochet's assassination. Now it is one thing to oppose dictators when the entire British state is behind you (or rather in front) but another to oppose the original sponsors of Chilean dictatorship in the here and now.

> Is your reading problem of physical or contentious
> origin, do you think?

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